Science of Reading Bright Spots by Strong Readers

In 2019, the 86th legislature passed House Bill 3 (HB3), providing over $6 billion in funding to public education.

Specifically, this bill required kindergarten through third grade teachers and principals to attend the Texas Reading Academies. These reading academies provided professional learning around the science of reading, and how to improve reading proficiency for students across the state of Texas.  

It also required school boards across the state of Texas to adopt literacy goals that laddered up to third grade STAAR goals.

We understand that becoming a proficient reader doesn’t begin in third grade.

It begins long before, which is why there needs to be an increased focus on kindergarten through second grade. 

Young Children Reading

Instructional practices are currently undergoing a transformation as educators welcome evidence-based literacy instruction and usher in a new era. 

It’s time to shine a light on the exceptional educators who have been our bright spots. These are the educators who turn the science into practice. Improving literacy outcomes for all students. 

Join me as we celebrate these champions of literacy, whose stories inspire us and whose practices set the standard for excellence. 

Together, we continue to transform education, making every word count and every reader strong. 

2023 Bright Spot Award Recipients

Riley Biggs

1st Grade Teacher, Mesquite ISD


DonTre McFarland

Kindergarten Teacher, Dallas ISD


Kristi Mullins

Reading Academy Coordinator


Christy Ellison

TRi Grant Coach, Garland ISD